Friday, August 12

Home delivery

Captured in the image above: one of the perks of living here

Taken in our garage the other day, the neigbourhood tailor spent the afternoon working though a bundle of odd sewing jobs. Arriving on his sewing machine-bicycle, he took hemlines up and down, sewed buttons and turned round necks into v necks. Even though this is a common sight and occupation here, to my very western sensibility, it still always feels completely luxurious to have someone deliver this service in your own home!
Indonesia, how will I ever leave you?

Wednesday, August 10

Javanese Baskets

We recently picked up these simple baskets in West Java. Nothing beats the feeling of cruising around dusty hot Indonesian country towns (preferably with girlfriend in tow - hello sweet jane) and coming across fantastic wares such as these. Used for holding rice, they embody two of my favorite things in an object: beauty and function.

Tuesday, August 9

The Bather

Oliver Voss, "Die Badende" (The Bather) found at Village and via here too
Loving this crazy giant sculpture in the Binnenalster lake in Hamburg, Germany. 
Fascinating in that Gulliver's Travels kind of way as well as the fact she comes across as 
someone just minding her own business enjoying a dip in the lake! Her pose is so natural!

Trying to get back in to the swing of things, harness spare time and channel it into something productive.
It's proving slightly challenging right now. School starts back this Thursday. Work started back last week for me and after what felt like one continuous holiday there for a while, I seem to have lost my ability to do two things at once. Trying to catch up on lots of things. Friends are returning to town from their summer break, some are just about to leave, the city has wound down for Ramadan, and while I am still loving to visit other blogs, I just can't seem to find the time to visit mine! Thank you for sticking around!

Monday, August 1

Wondrous bounty

These amazing volcanic beach rocks (they stretched for kilometres) left Jane and I speechless 
(except for the continuous chorus of oohing, aahing and refrains of 'nooo, but look at this one'). We were shocked at how breathtakingly beautiful they were, looking more like exquisite pottery shards with their amazing markings. Or like chunks of precious turquoise stone. To say we were excited to come across this place, or that this place even existed, would be the understatement of the year. Words such as mind-boggling, astonishing and stupefying might be better used instead.

Nature's a potter: perfect crackling glaze (with shells from another Flores beach)

If I had to give this stone a name - I'd call it a mid-century modern take on Japanese Raku pottery. 
Astonishing that this is a product of nature, not some beautiful handmade sculpture. 
I wouldn't have any trouble buying this from a gallery, but to just pick it from beach was amazing!

More again in the style of Japanese raku pottery markings

Windswept bounty as far as the eye can see......

Sunday, July 31


And we're back...............refreshed, inspired and full of love, actually! 
Corny, but really true. Full of love for family, full of love for fantastic friends who made the most excellent travelling companions. And full of love for Indonesia, a bountiful and gracious host. My mind is furiously buzzing with new ideas and potential opportunities. Travelling through the lesser known island of Flores was astonishing and breathtaking and I just feel really grateful for this trip in particular. Trying to slow down and reflect. Lots of photos to sort through and lots of exciting things to think about! More soon.................xo

Wednesday, July 13

Living vicariously

Shameless reblog and not really all about fashion journalism 

I liked this interview. Other than his tips for successful design blogging such as heavy editing, a strong point of view and photos you can't find anywhere else, I just really liked how he touches on why people
 enjoy blogs to begin with: to live vicariously and see other people's take on the world! I couldn't agree more. Right now, I have just thrown in my corporate job to chase my dream of interior design; I also build and design beautiful tropical homes and am hoping to sail around the world on our yacht one day! I am an artist that has finally received DA approval on our country home-in-the-city and am relieved renovations can begin. Did you know I also draw incredibly hilarious story boards and am about to leave all that is familiar and drive 1200 km away to begin a locum in indigenous child health? Oh yer, I nearly forgot, I also live in NYC championing issues surrounding motherhood. Other days I simply champion artists. Of course this is just a small sample of what I do. I'm also really crafty and love to visit Australia, Canada, the US, and lots of Europe on a regular basis. Some days I'm an artist, other days a photographer or designer, even a designer-comedian!  Did you know there was any such thing?! Of course, most of the time I am just me, but some days, I love being you!

Tuesday, July 12

Grass can be greener

Was just writing an email to my dad when I found myself using the word darn and holiday in the same sentence. It was kind of tongue-in-cheek, but the moment I reread it, it sounded stupid and crazy. We have our next lot of visitors arriving in a few hours (the last ones having left on Sunday) and will all be heading off to Butu Karas, West Java again, returning on Sunday. As you all know, we have been having lots of little get-always lately with visiting friends. Of course we love showing people around and discovering new places together, but it’s also been a bit hectic. Hectic in a good way but still hectic nonetheless.

 I know I will reread this one day, when this adventure is over, and pinch myself that it ever really happened, and even kick myself for using words such as darn and hectic in this amazing context. Blasphemy! I know that we will eventually be back in Sydney, spending time with friends in much more fleeting ways, a bite to eat here, a lunch there and dreaming of these special holidays together. We will probably be quite holiday-less for some time as well, making this post all the more ridiculous. So be it I guess.

 The only thing I can say, is that when I came across this simple image of a clothesline blowing in the wind - it just jumped out at me. Again, one part of my brain knows this is ridiculous, to be missing this kind of thing when I know mountains of washing will await me each week on our eventual return to Australia. And it probably won't be all Arcadian visions of crisp white clothes gently swaying in the breeze either. More likely it will be midnight runs to the laundry to dry school uniforms in time! It's just that these images are such a lovely counterpoint to all the tropical islands of late. Again, I know that is an absurd statement, even perhaps indulgent and ungrateful and while I know I am not any of these things, this week I am just really missing simple domestic pleasures. Like tinkering in a garden. Or putting clothes on the line while yakking to the neighbours. I guess this really is proof that sometimes, no matter what kind of amazing things you are doing, the grass can still appear greener on the other side.

ps welcome Table Tonic-ettes! Sorry you have arrived during a little insane moment! Thanks Louise (again!)

Monday, July 11

Light Drawing

One of the things I loved doing this weekend was experimenting with light drawings. A while ago I came across this post at Made By Joel all about using long exposure. He in turn had been inspired by Picasso here! (Made by Joel is one of the places I go when I need to print out colouring sheets or want to feel inadequate due to my total lack of crafting). Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with my effort and definitely want to try some more of these.

The setting certainly lent itself to experimenting: bonfires, fireworks and sparklers. Not to mention active volcanoes! Did you know that an adult holding sparklers magically creates a vortex whereby all children in the immediate vicinity will naturally gravitate? Much like moths to a flame? Or the Pied Piper? Incredible.

Long exposure fireworks

 Well, if you're not sick of me blathering on about Krakatoa by now you may well soon be. As mentioned before, it has become our go-to spot to take visitors. And with good reason. Nothing quite beats the spectacle of an erupting volcano. We packed up on Friday and drove down in convoy, spending two nights on the beach with our Sydney friends plus some Jakarta friends too. 

  This time visibility was so low that it wasn’t until Krakatau’s looming outline was upon us could we behold it’s awesomeness. It all felt a bit windswept, overcast and moody this time. 
Less tropical island and more dawn of time!

 A passing and aesthetically pleasing fishing boat

 Original Krakatau appearing in background

I have to say, that even after three trips, seeing an exploding Anak Krakatau just gets better and better. In fact, between lurching around on the boat trying to photograph and adequately capture just how majestic and awe-inspiring it was, I cried. Tears of joy. I’m not too sure why I cried except that perhaps witnessing such a jaw-dropping event that has been happening since the dawn of time just feels, well, worthy of tears. 
It was an immensely moving experience. Plus we saw dolphins on the way there just to top it off!

Friday, July 8

Picture Perfect

Bliss aka island hopping in a rubber dinghy.

This photo is taken looking back to Palau Macan - the teeny tiny island we stayed on last weekend.
Noah is standing on the even teeny tinier uninhabited island that we swam or rubber dinghy-ed across too each day. I actually managed to snorkel across too! 

Looking out from our deck!
Unbelievable. Could not get over how stunning it was. 

 Everyone spent lots of time swimming and exploring straight out in front of it.


These really are quintessential desert islands. White sands. Gently lapping clear blue water. What tropical islands are supposed to look like. Feeling silly that we've never been here before. Only 2.5 hours from our home in Jakarta so to think it was on our doorstep all along..........

Beautiful rustic simple 

Winding down

Winding up

Mandatory sand burying.
We are back in Krakatoa for the next few days which seems to be our go-to spot for taking visiting friends. Yep. It's tough. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 5


Behind the scenes at Miu Miu via sea of shoes

I saved this image a while ago. I love all the detail. The shoes, of course. The star on her dress worn with the practical binder clips. The sublime collar. Her strong profile and gaze. Relaxed yet focused and purposeful. Like the photographer maybe caught a quiet moment in what I can imagine was a crazy flurry of activity. 

light-filled beauty via fine ting og sjokolade - where you can see the rest of the loft space. Sigh

Then I later came across this great bathroom and the two images somehow went together (well in my crazy mind they did!) Somehow I could imagine the Miu Miu girl coming home here. I love all this detail too. The sky light window, the golden jug, the hanging slippers, the funny little box with bunny ears, the sink table and the raw floor. The soft light and delicate pinks. A perfect bathroom ,yes?

Monday, July 4

Kapow! Superhero beauty

superhero cheekbones here

(I spent at least 3 years of primary school with my best friend Heidi making crepe paper skirts, 
garbage bag dresses and putting on concerts with hairbrush microphones!)

superhero mask here

Love all of these striking images. The photography, the clothes, the saturated colours and of 
course the model! Had fun arriving home yesterday and checking out pics of her wedding over the weekend! 
Slightly embarrassed if my Dad reads this. He will think it's rot - rot as in googling celebrity weddings! 
I'm just a sucker for any pretty pictures, Dad. 
Superfluous I know. But so beautiful.

superhero lips and jacket here