Wednesday, March 30

get out of town: Batu Karas, West Java

I was so excited to be able to visit another part of Indonesia. We just spent an amazing few days in Batu Karas, a beautiful small fishing village on the west coast of Java. It was hot, steamy and lush - with water holes, water falls and brown muddy snaking rivers. Nothing at all like the usual tropical island fare.

lots of saturated rainbow hues

                                                                            Java Cove

Rice drying baskets hanging on the side of a house. Practical and beautiful. Planning on turning these into wall hangings in my home too.



                                                           Downstream with prehistoric-sized ferns


boy's own adventure

Surveying the situation. The cave was deep with a sense of foreboding........

                             However, there is no one braver than a four year old. Reached the half way point.....

                                                Made it to the very back of the cave. Hanging with the orbs.

We stayed in the Java Cove Beach Hotel. It was laid back, comfortable, friendly and stylish. Right on the beach. Not to mention National Geographic Traveler voted it one of their favorite hotels in Indonesia. I did a double-take when I saw this sign - placed right in the hotel's own restaurant. Kudos to the lovely owners, Nikki and Paul. 

 Where even the rubbish bins are lovely.

Stained glass window

Indiana Jones-style flight home. Note the backwards steps. No one wanted to leave.


Karen said...

oh dreamy beautiful photos, you really are making me want to come................ In the mean time, i miss you xxx

sarah said...

Thank you darling xo yes come and visit xox

sarah said...

.......sooooon xo