Wednesday, March 16

if i can't hang it, wish I could wear it, or at least stand in front of it a lot


inspired by the vibrant work of Hadley Halliday (again) untitled, 2004 acrylic on canvas. As well as hanging on my wall I want a dress, clutch, scarf  in this

i heart orange lipstick, sleeves that billow

inspired by lazlo-moholy-nagy, Am 7, 1926 via here

orange fuzz (me - R's birthday night)


lovely colour palettes by Kristina Klarin via simple lovely

Dream of this hanging on my wall: Craig Parkinson, Sticks, 2005-09, oil on canvas found via Sheffer Gallery, Sydney (so disappointed i can't go)


ClareVivier vibrant clutch via Jeana Sohn's orange post here via simple lovely (again)


and once again from kristina via Joslyn's always beautifully curated posts

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