Monday, March 7

Just So (the sum is greater than the total of it's parts)

This is amazing - so many just so's, so much patience...

found via what katie ate

When did you first realise you loved design? Noticed how things went together? Interiors? Furniture? Clothes? Groupings of beautiful objects? I mean really first notice?
If I think back to some really early memories, for me my first clear vivid recollection of organising things in a really purposeful aesthetically pleasing way was when I was around 6 years old. I got roller skates for Christmas and although I secretly yearned for the white Xanadu Olivia Newton-John skates, I got the electric blue velvet rainbow versions. I also somehow ended up with an R2D2 necklace out of a Star Wars show bag from the Sydney’s Royal Easter Show. And bizarrely a big Christmas towel that came in my santa stocking. I remember finding a place in my room and laying all 3 objects out with a sense of sacredness. The rollerskates were placed on the towel. The necklace draped carefully over the roller skates just so. All placed in such a manner that felt and looked beautiful to me. And I still remember every time I walked into my room feeling very happy and satisfied when I looked at my little display.

Ok, thankfully I have moved on from using beach towels in my decorating, but in every other way I have not. I have been playing out that same scene over and over again. Recreating that same feeling and executing that exact same purposefulness in the placement of objects. Of somehow imbuing everyday objects with a sense of sacred. Of elevating everyday objects to another level when they are placed together, and in a certain way. Just so.

Shannon Fricke's A life by Design post sums this up beautifully. She is an incredible designer, stylist and author who runs design workshops out of her beautiful little cottage in the Byron Bay hinterland). She has this to say:
I am a designer to my very core - whether it's a house, a garden, a dinner table, a journey, even a life - I'm always thinking about how things go together... About what makes things work... About the little things, the bits and pieces that together make a whole... The colour palette in a cafe in Paris... The stone work on the pavement in Venice... The shape of a window... A door... The font used on a signpost... What people wear... How they move through space... Although it can be a little exhausting at times, all of this designing does have a purpose... At the heart of it, design is all about shaping environments... It's about creating surroundings and ambience that reflect who we are and what makes us tick... At its best, design provides us with a comfortable framework within which we can happily exist through all of the hours that make up the sum of our lives.. Our environments are an integral part of who we are

Thanks Shannon. I would love to attend one of your workshops one day!

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