Tuesday, March 22

networks and making connections. drawing a long bow

We live between the paradigms of network, cell and silo, more connected to each other than we've ever been, but potentially more isolated (here)

                                                           chalkboard family, jakarta, 2011

 chalkboard family

connections between artistic and
visual representations of networks
1 february - 16 april 2011
MUMA (Monash University Museum of Art) review here
(So disappointed I cannot attend)

triangle explosion from etsy spinthread here

and here

Masato Takasaka, information superhighway, 2006-07 (fibre-tipped pen and pencil on paper) as above

Kerrie Poliness, Blue Wall Drawing #1 2007/11, work in progress, Friday 15 January 2011

the lanvin 

Koji Ryui
Extended network towards the happy end of
the universe 2007-2011
installation view from here

Hanna Konola, Solmu (knot) print via here

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