Monday, March 28

pool reflection with modern art tangent

David Hockney, A bigger Splash, 1967 via here

David Hockney, Day Pool with Three Blues here

Jakarta pool, March, 2011

One of the great things about living in Jakarta is getting to have your very own pool. A simple thing but pretty cool nonetheless. Not having a pool growing up, nor having many friends with one, there was always something luxurious, indulgent and exotic about having one to call your own. Summers were spent at the local public pool, but getting to splash around and be silly in your own private one, whenever the mood strikes, is rather excellent. But more than that, our pool here is also a beautiful, deep blue, reflective vessel that is a pleasure to look upon every day. I snapped these images one sunny afternoon and was suprised at how still and reflective the pool could be, replicating our soaring vertical garden in minute detail.
(Just a quick disclaimer - expatriates here mostly reside in rock star worthy MegaStructures with pools. We are by no means unique. Sadly, when this amazing adventure comes to an end, we will return to postage stamp sized living back in Australia, complete with no pool. This fact gives me temporary bragging rights).

Richard Diebenkorn, Ocean Park No.12  here

Richard Diebenkorn, Ocean Park No.129 here

                                                    Helen Frankenthaler, Air Frame, 1965 here

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