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Catalogue of a common thread

Indonesian mid century street cart stools, found Jakarta, 2011

This lovely image comes from Stylecaster's '50 Most Stylish new Yorkers' via Noir As Night
While I am admiring this beauty (and the rest of the list) it was also the stool she sits upon that really caught my eye. Sleek, paired back, kind of industrial with a fantastic natural wooden base.

Here is one using similar natural materials that I have admired for a while - Gabriel Abraham's Atelier stool via Remodalista made of darkened steel with a salvage wood base.

I like the idea of (almost) stools used in place of chairs. Here is a version at The Barbican Food Hall in London. Again paired back, uncluttered, simple. via here

Known also for his minimalist approach and spare aesthetic, favorite Belgian architect and designer Vincent Van Duysen uses antique Chinese farmers stools at his bespoke dining table in place of chairs in his Antwerp apartment via here

Another angle of Van Duysen's apartment via Saint Honore Home, a great resource. Insert stools here. (I found Carine Roitfeld's and Christian Restoin's Paris apartment here as well - for you Mad)

More stools in place of chairs from one of my favorite places to peruse beautiful pictures

And here are mine. I found these stools hidden in the back of a dusty antique store in Jakarta. Was so happy to find these as I had been wanting something uncluttered that I could push right under a table for a clean sparse look. From the 40's, they can still be glimpsed around Indonesian street carts. I spied one in Ubud, Bali recently at the guard's post outside Neka Gallery (and opposite the delectable Naughty Nuri's warung for out-of-this-world ribs, which by the way, Donna Karan frequents and Anthony Bourdain claims are the best outside of NYC). But forgot to take a photo. Luckily very inexpensive as 12 of these came home with me. They turn a table for 8 into a table for 12 and sit at perfect chair height. 

The lovely flat, worn button hole-like wooden disks are very comfortable to sit upon (excuse my lack of editing skills - I couldn't pick my favorite)

A catalogue of images follow where these stools wouldn't look out of place............

                                via here originally from Vogue Living Australia July/August 2009

and here  (Danish designer, Lief Sigersen, along with Helena Christensen used to run the now defunct Butik, a Danish NYC homewears boutique - I'm not too sure why it closed - GFC?)

via here

via here

via here 
(incidently the chandelier is a Lindsey Adelman DIY from here
 and you see one made here over at 

via tumblr - apologies not too sure maybe via here (?)

These are beautiful and sculptural. Would love to attach the seat's of my Indonesian stools onto these 
(via here)

via here

Barbarican Food hall again via here

And for fun - one more image of Stylecaster's most stylish  

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