Friday, April 1

Continuing a bright catalogue of lovliness

incredible jewelery from Blandine Bardeau via the best time of day

I love obscure, vintage posters. The more obscure the better. This one is from one of my favorite vintage poster sites - The International Poster Gallery. It is a 1988 swiss adult education poster offering cooking, language and sport activities by Rosemarie Tissi here (please don't buy it I intend to)

Some colourful bottles I picked up in Buta Karas. They are intended for holding small fish! Not my intention!

Satu Lagi. Around the corner from the fishing shop. I really love this photo.

Vintage Carolina Herrera wrap dress via sea of shoes

Morris Louis, Floral V, 1959-60 here

Indonesian artist, Dadan Setiawan, In Order To Understand Landscape no.2, 2009 via here
Impressionism for the digital age. I absolutely love how he has replaced the accentuated and agitated brush strokes of the impressionist with modern day pixels - to achieve the same outcome. Up close - hard to see and understand the whole painting.........

but step back and view it from a distance and it all makes sense - magic trick

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