Thursday, April 7

Dinner, Stripes and Segue at Pyongyang restaurant, South Jakarta

Last night, we celebrated my husband's birthday at a North (!) Korean Restaurant not far from home. Despite specialty dishes such as cold noodle soup (and an oppressive military regime), the atmosphere was bright, festive and cheerful. Being a lover of colourful design I could not take my eyes off the dresses, known as Saekdongot, worn by the hostesses. They smiled and seemed to glide around the room. They also sang karaoke and swayed gracefully between serving courses. It was a full sensory experience!

Today, I came across this shot by one of my favorite photographer's Douglas Friedman. Inside the closet I spied a jacket not dissimilar to the one's last night. Can you see the Lifesaver-lolly-striped jacket hanging in the middle?

Start of segue. Friedman's photo of that fantastic closet reminded me to click on the little coat hanger in my blog list and revisit Jeana Sohn's closetvisit. I urge you to click it and behold the great wardrobes and closets of all sorts of creative people. All the images that follow belong to Jeana. She also blogs here.

 Lovely watercolour's in the background again by Hadley Holliday watercolours I admired earlier here

Not to make light of propaganda....and these gorgeous children wearing saekdongot -the most colourful clothes I have ever seen!

wrapped birthday presents via aesthetic outburst 

Happy Birthday FlyGuy xo

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