Tuesday, April 5

geometric art attack

My lovely friend Esther, a Dutch journalist living in Indonesia, 
shared some Dutch blogs with me this morning. (She is trying to broker 
a holiday house swap for us in Amsterdam. Fingers crossed it will happen. 
A dream of mine. And dreaming of wandering the city with a copy of Pia Jane Bijerk's

This great mobile comes from mushandmade, a blog I do not understand a word of . 
But it does not bother me in the least. 
Please click on this link for a cool little demo of how these are made

the mobiles remind me of one of my favorite artists, Gemma Smith via here

and here at the Sarah Cottier Gallery. While on the subject,
 here is a catalogue of awesomeness that is Sarah Cottier's house 
(all images below via The Selby)

pixelated impressionism again like Dadan Setiawan in this post

the end. sigh.

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your blog is lovely! followed :)