Tuesday, April 12

Late Tuesday's catalogue of colour

Kicking of this colourful catalogue with our old kitchen back in Sydney. Taken a couple of years ago before moving to Jakarta, I can still remember our cabinet maker swallowing hard and being polite at our choice of bright raspberry cabinetry, simply remarking that no one had chosen that colour before. Polite huh? 
I miss our crazy kitchen.

Exquisite embroidery by Maricor Maricar, spotted last week via lovely morning

Universe collection (from Cuzco, Peru) by Antik Batik vie keepfeeling

Abbey's amazing design project where she makes 20 projects in 20 days and gives them away! Indonesian postal system can sometimes leave a bit to be desired and would hate to risk losing such a beautiful piece. This is day seven's effort

More Maricor Maricar madness

Can you believe this installation is made of duct tape?!

My lovely dad, my gorgeous (squeezy) baby, my happy kitchen circa 2008

Wow. When books meet embroidery: Penguin Threads Deluxe Classics by Jillian Tamaki 
via Poppy Talk Available October 2011

more, more Maricor Maricar madness

and more bright and versatile duct tape below

All images above belong to Rebecca Ward here

and another suprising installation - delicate, falling, paper confetti? It's sheet metal.
An installation by Beat Zodore via A Subtle Revelry

More, more and more Maricor Maricar madness and my complete lack of editing skills


Anastasia @ decor is like butter said...

Just discovered your beautiful blog via Table Tonic..I can tell you have a really creative artistic eye... glad I came across this blog.. x anastasia at decor is like butter...

Desire Empire said...

Hello from a wet Sydney. I love your colourful kitchen in Syd.
Come on down for a little visit of home.
Best Carolyn

Sarah Derrig said...

I just came across your blog via Table Tonic. It's beautiful! I too am an Australia expat and live in Doha, Qatar. I will be adding your blog to my daily reading!

sarah said...

Thank you all so much for visiting and leaving such lovely comments. It's lovely to hear from you and I look forward to visiting you too.