Monday, April 25

Look closely, don't judge me: Easter Mayhem in Bali

Disclaimer: I did not dye the chicks. 
I may love colour, even going so far as to pretty well agree with designer extraodinaire Kelly Wearstler (Inc!) - who likens living without colour to living without love (the bathroom in the Viceroy Hotel, Santa Monica is my favorite. No wait, this wallpaper here is....Regardless, I never can get used to the nonchalant way Indonesian's like to dye their baby chicks when festivity strikes. Although it's not the first time I have seen it, I still can't look away and even though I am pretty sure it falls into the cruelty category (those harsh dyes surely can't be good for anybody), we still joined in the hotel's Easter activities cooing and cuddling with them - and heck, even taking photos! Yes I felt bad for those poor little guys and apologise for offending anyone with these photos.

There was the usual fare - an Easter egg hunt, egg painting, games, balloons................

...and the obligatory (and always slightly creepy) person dressed as the Easter bunny. Made slightly creepier due to the heat. So now I had 2 things to feel bad about: not only the colourful rainbow chicks dyed just for our viewing pleasure, but a person having to wear a 100% synthetic bunny suit in 100% equatorial humidity, all while smiling, waving, dancing and generally having to be the fun guy bunny.  I felt bad. And a few degrees hotter just looking at him.

(I love it when my stuff colour coordinates itself without being asked. Thanks stuff)

Maybe I shouldn't explain what the actual intended purpose of these baskets were really for*

* Ok (I bow my head in shame). One of the games for the older children entailed a 'race' whereby each one lined up alongside one of those baskets and in front of the chick pen...on your marks, get set, go.....and had to run between the two, collecting as many chicks as they could place inside. The only concession: that the (8 years and above) child could only grab one chick at a time. There. I said it. (While it was complete mayhem, surprisingly, none of the little chickens were hurt!)


Emma at The Marion House Book said...

Oh my god, I can't believe the chick are dyed but they do look super cute!

sarah said...

I know Emma. Sensible part of my brain went tsk tsk, the mushy side though they were very cute and took lots of photos!

Anonymous said...

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