Friday, April 29

My love of art, travel & photography just combined and exploded into fireworks

All photographs by Jan Kempenaers via here

 Melancholy, windswept and abandoned, these are Spomenics (monuments), erected during the 1960's and 70's to honour the former Yugoslav Partisans.
 (The Partisan's were a communist-led WWII anti-fascist resistance movement in former Yugoslavia).
Words fail me. I was astonished when I first saw these images and nearly fell off my chair.
So before I explain blather on and either faintbow down, break out in song or levitate, I will be silent so we can take in the full amazing awesomeness of these structures. 

(I just want to quickly whisper that these sculptures are meant to represent fists)

mmmmm some poignant musings from Richard Burghardt via FZZ:
'..they still proclaim a future, which already has become past. They are expressions of this future and they refuse to stop epitomising its coming. They keep calling: Ahead!  Spectres still inhabit the monuments, but their context, their audience has been lost..'

I really like this back-story from ModernSauce: Actually her whole take on it - and blog - is great! Plus she gives much more history (more than my lame Wikipedia links).
'Although all of these memorials are heavy "monumental" sculptures I find them hardly static at all.  More like stone outcroppings that move slowly over millennia but appear frozen to us'.
Yes I love that you can project so many stories on to these. Combined with their incredible settings, they are cinematic (they wouldn't look out of place on sets for Battlestar Galactica or Lord of the Rings); poetic (Shelley's Ozymandias comes to mind); political; historical; some organic; others resembling spaceships or portals to alien futures; even prehistoric or futuristic totems.....


Yet somehow I also feel incredibly sad when I look upon these. Compare this before and after: the image to the right looks so abandoned and forgotten.
 Although still managing to stand stoic and defiant amidst the overgrowth and weeds.

There's no limit to how much  these concrete sculptures fascinate me (& this is only a handful - soviet versions here). They have really captured my imagination. I need would love to visit!


mrs c. said...

truley amazing!
thanks for posting these.

Emma at The Marion House Book said...


sarah said...

Glad you all agree!

ModernSauce said...

Thanks so much for the mention! I'm still in love with these as much as you are I think! Off to check out the rest of your blog... ; )

sarah said...

Ooh Madame I curtsy and squee to you. Thank you for visiting madame (and putting me on to the Omega J899900000 Camera of Amazing Awesomeness)!

Anonymous said...

thank you

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