Wednesday, April 6

Now and Then

This fantastic glass house extension attached to a beautiful old farmhouse is from Belgium architects, Bruno Erpicum and Partners here (photography by Jean-Luc Laloux) From their notes: 

The work carried out has not been to the detriment of the old building. The original heavy and solid features of the old building are still clear for all to see, and these features contrast with the extremely soft touch of the more recent work which has been carried out, the intention of which is obvious: the inclusion of features which create a contrast and which are 
not a close replication of the existing features.

 This is such a beautiful, sparse uncomplicated addition. I love the contrast between the old and new and the fact that you can see each so clearly.
I am always stockpiling these sorts of images for our move to the country one day.

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mrs c. said...

hi sarah,
found you care of table tonic.
love this house.
really enjoying your blog.
look forward to seeing more.
mrs c. xox