Tuesday, April 26

Suprise Honey! Easter Bali Spoils

I managed to do a little shopping during our Bali break. 
Because we were lucky enough to spend Easter with friends from Australia, I was the nominated and designated shopping enabler. Not that I ever need much of an excuse to shop but having the extra incentive to show friends around - cause you know, I had to show them where to shop right?- did mean that I got to visit some of my favorite shopping spots. Because we packed quite a bit into our short holiday, our shopping expeditions were targeted military operations rather than wandering and browsing expeditions. I think we did quite well!

These are lovely little needle-point style woven baskets. The lids actually pull out to reveal a hidden space inside. They are quite delicate so I carried these back to Jakarta via hand luggage. 

These candle holders have a great mid-century modern feel, while this is second time I have bought this wicker cake stand. Great for holding fruit, muffins or cupcakes, but now that I own two I'm going to try using these at opposite ends of a set table for flower arrangements.

These candle holders hold tea lights. 
I can't decide where to put these (can you tell?)

Fished these little beauties out of boxes and crates overflowing with every kind of brass and silver ware imaginable. I had a hard time deciding but kept on going back to these decorative horses. They instantly reminded me of the mid-century modern Italian stoneware by Bitossi, known as Rimini Blu. I don't usually go for figurines but I thought these were too special to pass up. I think the little deer horns may end up on a bed side table holding my rings.

Also picked up a practical and very typical Indonesian kitchen basket. It may end up holding fruit. But it will probably end up holding something completely non practical nowhere near the kitchen. Also picked up the little oddly-shaped asymmetrical wooden bowl to the left 
(which will hold limestone eggs I acquired at the same time but not shown here)

Found these rummaging and clanging around in the same box. A cow, a goat and horse. They are decorative although hand made and quite rough which is a winning combination for me. These will probably end up on the back of a bedroom or bathroom door holding robes.

More colourful and embroidered basket weaving. This is actually quite a sturdy tray with cut-out handles. 
Think it will end up on our desk holding office-y things. I love practical and beautiful things. 

A tray. I'm pretty sure one of the nicest I have seen. 
It is very study and will be good for a breakfast in bed (hint hint)

I fell in love with this crazy lady vase from Jenggala Keramics. Can't wait to have fun creating exotic head dresses for her. For now I grabbed some leaves from the garden, but I can't wait to give her an afro of white baby breath (minus the carnations) or blue hydrangeas like these ones (my favorite). I think she will lend herself to many different flower arrangements.

And finally a hand painted lamp. 
It beautifully illuminates Vase-lady's smile. 
(Having one of those her-eyes-are-following-me moments)


Sarah Derrig said...

Wow! You picked up some amazing pieces in Bali. I just adore Bali and the homewares there are to die for. Good shopping :)

Sarah said...

That vase is awesome! If I saw one of those in Bali I would have snapped one up too.
Thanks for visiting Squeeze The Juice. xxx

sarah said...

Thanks ladies - shopping in Bali is a lot of fun!

ModernSauce said...

Love all your house baubles! I could spend some time creating head dresses too!

Had such a good time going through your blog tonight! Will definitely be back - blog on!

sarah said...

Well thank you Madame I appreciate you dropping by and enjoying the Bali love tokens! The good feelings are mutual!