Wednesday, April 27

Through the looking glass.....

Clare Young, Home, 2011, No.1 of 2 (dry point etching and collograph) 
via Clare's shop

Falling Garden
Gerda Steiner & Jorge Lenslinger
San Staë church on the Canale Grande
50th Biennial of Venice, 2003 here via beautiful/wild

My lovely, talented and gorgeous friend Clare sent me a blog link yesterday (she is always passing on great links) wanting to share this amazing installation with me. Before I knew it I had fallen through the looking glass clicking on all sorts of links and finding all sorts of great stuff. 
As well as an artist (see 'Home' above) and mother to 2 beautiful little girls, she is also a renovator extraordinaire who also happens to be married to our Charlie’s godfather. 
(So you can see I am not biased whatsoever!). 
Clare has renovated 2 beautiful homes and is about to embark on her third. I have always been in awe of her stunning transformations and I am really hoping Clare might start officially documenting this one for us all to drool over (pretty please?). Just a teaser – it’s a turn of the century cottage on a rambling country-sized garden block (close to the city!) and according to the last update I got, the original cottage was to become the sleeping pavilion, housing only the bedrooms - attached but separate to the new addition. 
Yes, a sleeping pavilion! 
How marvelous does that sound?!

As well as sharing a mutual love of design (and design blogs) Clare is tangled up in the origins of my love for great interiors. I will always remember walking into her sister’s terrace, gasping and exclaiming: 'but I know this house!' It featured in Belle Design and Decoration (and got the cover too) and I’m pretty sure it was one of the first magazines I insisted on keeping. It marked the beginning of my magazine hoarding and OCD urge of ripping pages out to fill inspiration scrap books. A compulsion that continues today at my Pinterest account (and what I like to imagine I will be doing in heaven one day). The magazine is well worn and quite tatty now – but I could never throw it out. I have a total sentimental and historical attachment to it. Such a simple thing but it’s a part of me. It’s a concrete link back to one of those first a-ha moments, of suddenly getting and appreciating the power of a beautifully edited and constructed living space. I still remember pouring over every detail! And then the thrill of actually stepping into it as if I was coming home.

And finally, continuing on my blog travels courtesy of Clare this morning, I fell through the looking glass into this house in Iceland - woah -
and into this pool* below (thanks for sharing beautiful and wild Clare)

*Doesn't take much for me to slip in a picture of a pool. Although this image is one I would love to enlarge to oversize and hang. There is something gothic, monolithic, slightly unhinged and foreboding about this image.
I love it!

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