Sunday, April 10

Wide open spaces. Or a large expanse of lawn to be precise.

photograph by Douglas Friedman

photograph by Douglas Friedman

Maybe it's a function of sharing a sweaty and gridlocked city with nine million others, but I can't take my eyes off the images above by photographer Douglas Friedman. And I can't stop daydreaming about moving to the country. While I love living in such a dynamic and smelly city, a heaving sweltering noisy mass of people, cars, buses, ojeks and bajas, I'm always drawn to these sorts of images. Studies in peace and quiet. More so now where such great expanses of space (and lawn) seem so luxurious and foreign in Jakarta. When we got very lucky and were able to buy a little piece of country heaven last year, it was the open, flat, meandering lawn from the real estate listing below that jumped out at me. 

'le coup de foundre'

Late one night, when children were asleep and the house was quiet, I came across the online listing. This photo is where it all began. I call it - 'le coup de foundre', a French saying which translates as 'struck by lightening'. Or in this context, 'love at first sight'. From the moment I layed eyes on it I was gone. 
Set on an acre full of possibility, it's a garden to turn cartwheels in...... play chasings in.... {via the marion house book}

....and a space big enough to kick around big, bright bouncy balls! {via table tonic}

We could put in a pool? (unlikely but one can dream) via the selby

 .....or shoot a family portrait...... {another photograph by Douglas Friedman}

Maybe throw a night time garden party {via here}

.....put in a fire pit {via here again}

...or even build a tree-house (via wide open spaces again - thank you Emily)

Whatever we end up doing here, this garden, even though it's 5000km away, 
is a constant source of wonder and inspiration. I can't wait to finally live in it and enjoy it one day!

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