Friday, May 20

Blogging, Gratitude and Mentoring: The Mutual Appreciation Society Part II

Light, bright, stunning and warm. Living room of Marion House Book here

In many ways I feel like I have been blogging for a long time already. I have been filling scrap books and folders full of images and ideas for years, all versions of of my current blog posts.
  Nothing has really changed except the format. 
And the need for glue, scrap books, scissors and plastic envelope sleeves.  

Object no.16 here in 52 Objects Project        

So it was like manna from heaven when all the design and fashion blogs started 
popping up. I got to move some of my operations out of overstuffed folders
 in book shelves and into desktop versions on my laptop.

An epicurean disposition in the Marion Street House here

Of course the other obvious difference, is that these catalogues are now shared with people other than just my mother, some friends and an occasional builder or cabinet maker. While that is incredibly exciting, it’s also quite bewildering and daunting. On the one hand, Catalogued Life felt like the most natural thing in the world, but on the other, I felt a little lost. I could almost hear the choir of chirping crickets as I hit the publish post button. Does anyone else ever feel like this?

Marion Street House Function and Beauty here

I guess I felt alone and in need of some kind of feedback. I knew I wanted to blog, my blog started going but I didn't really know where it was going. So I reached out to other bloggers, blogs I read and admired. I just wanted to touch base, you know? It felt like an act of kind of willing myself to go in the right direction. 

Marion House Book's great anaglypta painted wallpaper here

Every single image here comes from Emma's extraordinarily warm and artistic home which she documents in The Marion House Book. It was wonderful to receive a lovely email back from Emma. She gave me some great practical advice at a time when I felt like I was flailing around in the deep end. I have no idea how much blog mentoring goes on out there, but as a newcomer it was wonderful to receive some constructive feedback (and encouragement!). And thank you also for giving Catalogued Life a vote of confidence last weekend, Emma. It was a lovely way to start the weekend!

Pretty/Perfect here

The Marion House Book is a daily read for me. Everything about it appeals. I love Emma’s informative, methodical, categorical and intellectual approach to art and design (and cooking!). She has put me on to many great things. Emma has a gift for really breaking down and exposing the anatomy and essence of great design. 
She always seems to be asking: just what is it that makes this space work?
 I really urge you go and visit because you will learn a lot.

lovely bedroom here

Here is a quick catalogue of some of my favourite posts:
Check out Emma's helpful guide to buying art  as well as her tips and tricks for hanging it! 
What about decluttering? And have you ever thought about why we keep certain objects and not others?  Or finding your style and then staying true to it? I love this story of an artwork too!


Sarah said...

I hear you! (and the crickets sometimes) I appreciate any support I receive also, (thank you Sarah).
For the couple of months that I've been blogging, it's been a mental struggle and sooooo much I've had to learn and so much more to learn, (Writing isn't my strong point).
Your post was what I needed to read.

April said...

Hi Sarah,

I'm in the same boat in terms of flailing about a bit, trying to find my footing in the blogosphere. I knew that I wanted to blog: originally to chronicle some renovations happening at our home for friends and family across the country. But then it morphed into a medium by which I could - and do! - share anything I find interesting, inspiring or beautiful in design and in life, which I'm starting to believe may to be too broad a topic! When I expanded the blog to include whatever struck my fancy, I lost a track of its purpose, and I'm still struggling a wee bit to re-establish equilibrium.

Unlike you, however, I haven't yet reached out to other bloggers for advice and/or friendship. Thanks to your posting, I definitely will!

On a related note, I actually came to your blog via the feature on Marion House Book, and I love everything you've done so far. I check in with you every day to see what's new, and love especially your photos.

Thanks for the post, and the advice!


sarah said...

Hi Sarah!
Thanks for reading and I'm glad it helped. Yes a lot of the time when I an writing I feel like using the strike out feature (the line through words) and replacing with blah blah blah. Anyway it's all meant to be fun but one must still take it seriously at the same time. I am constantly trying to find the balance between work, family, fulfilling creative urges (my blog) and all the other stuff that makes up life. I have had a few late nights in the process!! See you over at Squeeze the Juice! I'm glad we can support each other (blind leading the blind haha)

sarah said...

Hi April,

Thanks for such a thoughtful response. It can be difficult to decide upon exactly what it is you want or need to express. I popped over to your blog and I love that your moneypitlove (great name by the way) is a home that has been in your family for a long time. That is so unique! I'm glad you checked in here and I look forward to following your story as your blog evolves.