Monday, May 30

le coup de foundre part II: indulgent daydreams

View of our house looking back from the garden.
Original post and rail fence from early 1900's (although the house is actually groovy 1970's mudbrick).

So back to our house again. I never get tired of it. I love visiting it here again and again even though it's so far away. The rental agent just sent through a routine property inspection report - with photos! which started up some serious daydreaming all over again. Like how it might look one day with a different coat of paint. Right now it's painted in a natural ochre, which is a lovely and subdued choice for mudbricks, but I prefer some drama in stark blacks or whites with a bright red or yellow door. Here are some dreamt up before and afters.

More wide open spaces. The oval next door. The corridor of trees behind the goal post forms the border to our garden. Big sky, tall trees, lots of space = no words to describe actually.

Tom surveying the vista outside our house in May last year. These are our incredibly large elm trees.
I picked one of these leaves on first viewing as a kind of hopeful good luck charm that we might one day live here. I still have it squashed between the pages of all the sales paperwork.

The house in May last year on the viewing trip. Beautiful dappled autumnal light. The house is actually three storey, with the third being the attic. It has quite a pitched A-frame roof. I would love to turn the entire front facade into glass like this house. Or failing that add on a spectacular glass viewing box. Actually any of these windows would do. Gee ,I'm really not fussy at all.

 Another saved image {via the little big house}
This is the exact same shape of our house so it is easy to imagine our house painted white............ 

Or painted black........ {via theselby}

....or in white again.... 

Back to black with stark white trimmings at artessen

and with a bright red door too!
 Derek Saunder's barn via abbey via simple lovely

Having it both ways if I can't decide. Black and White looks great here

Or blended into my favorite shade of weathered grey by architect Annabelle Selldorf

A little darker here

Suddenly got all lovey dovey in these last pictures.
But you gotta take inspiration where you find it

here via 100 Layer Cake (thanks Christina and Mark)

However for me, black with stark white trimmings will always win out. Again, don't know why these last images suddenly crossed over into wedding territory but the one above is a great illustration of how a simple black and white contrast can pack a powerful punch. Incidently, this is an amazing wedding that took place in Iceland! (Wondering completely off topic but 100 Layer Cake is a great site. Although it's a DIY wedding planner resource, it's a great place for party planning in general, not to mention getting to look at all sorts of  fantastic places and settings people get married in. If someone was planning a wedding this is where I'd go).


Anonymous said...

Oh, swoon! That black Selby house is amaaaaazing!!!

sarah said...

Hi Rosa - yes I swoon at lots of selby homes!