Monday, May 2

Next best thing to glass houses? Impressive windows

 These seem to be more than just windows don't you think? Maybe these are more in line with what Philip Johnson describes as viewing platforms. While I have documented my love for glass houses before (here and here), these impressive windows are the next best thing (and maybe first cousins), elevating a simple window opening to dramatic status.
{above images of Normandy Barn by Lode Architectures via remodelista}

The Allandale house (in the four images above), is another example of how effective larger-than-normal window openings can be. They just seem to take everything to the next level.
{found here via beautiful/wild}

a framed and stylised option here via here

It's really worth taking a look at the rest of this amazing property above
 here at propeller z (and via YellowTrace)

via here

via dwell

floor-to-ceiling love via here

lovely old windows (a city version) via the selby
sadly, they don't make windows like this anymore!
(do they Mr Meriton?)


Classof65 said...

While I love a lot of light in the house, the kitchen in your photos seems sterile, cold, industrial to me. I would like a little softer feeling -- just my humble opinion.

sarah said...

Thanks for your comment. It's nice to hear different views. I really love this kitchen but am also seduced by what the window looks out upon. I had another look at it after I read your comment and on reflection I think I agree somewhat. I think it would benefit from a big rug. Otherwise I still think it's a great, uncluttered space. The rug would warm it up quite a lot I think!