Wednesday, May 4

Saturday Morning: Chinatown Extremities

On Saturday morning we took a stroll through Jakarta's Chinatown. It's in the old part of Jakarta, once known as Batavia. The Dutch gave the area to the Chinese in 1741.
 Here are some of my photos. (The rest are here).

(yah I learn't how to post a gif file. Find it here)
This animation is clever and wonderful, but also kind of weird and creepy. I find it mildly disturbing yet I can't stop watching it. Those hands have such an elegant and graceful Swan Lake thing going on. 
Speaking of weird and creepy, these are frogs legs below. Again, pretty disturbing but I couldn't take my eyes off their splayed pink glory.

Later that day, I got to watch these gorgeous dancing girls kick their legs quite high (!) at Darcy's end of season soccer gala day. It was all laughing and smiling and swooshing feathers.  

This gif is so freaky I almost didn't put it up. But being a lover of themes and having mini-epiphanies when things match, and you know, actually go together, I was forced to include it. Plus, I think it's great when something can elicit a strong response. A compliment to the artist.
Both animations are from the series Extremeties by industrial designer & art director Emilio Gomariz. 
They can also be found here.
I have slight motion sickness when I watch these but most of all am reminded of the if a tree falls in the forest conundrum: do these arms and legs continue to kick and sway even when I shut down my computer?  All day and every day?

And finally, I wanted to get all Sartorialist on you with these two shots below. Very dandy.

I really like this photo a lot. 
The faces, colour palette, and the extra face peering out of the shirt all work well together.


Sarah said...

Wow, I was hypnotized for a few minutes there, just so mesmerizing and relaxing to watch.
Your blog is right up my ally! Love!

sarah said...

Hi Sarah,
Yes I know what you mean - I still come back to these. They are so fascinating and haunting.

Anonymous said...

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