Thursday, May 19

A very lunar landscape: the Krakatoa trip in pictures

West Java Coast looking out to Krakatoa in the distance.

Our agenda mainly consisted of playing (check)

...and slowing down (check check)

...while the agenda for Slowing Down included massages....

 Sand castles...... 

 Beach soccer........

 And lots of sitting and looking......

 The Sitting and Looking Agenda consisted of preparing oneself to consume large amounts of seafood  (and sambal).... a firework and sparkler display.....

 ....and create our very own ring of fire! (courtesy of Leo)

However, this was all really just an entrĂ©e to the next day's serious business of volcanoes.

If you look closely at both of the images above you can see a trail in the shape of a V right in the middle.  Somehow, we hiked that trail and made it to the top of that first tier known as the outer rim. 

 Made it! Standing on the outer rim. 

At this moment, I felt frightened, exhilarated, breathless and brave. I couldn't believe I had made it!
I had felt like turning back a few times on the ascent and was glad I had talked myself out of it.
 The landscape up there was what I imagined the surface of the moon to look like. Or some planet that was barren and desolate with not a skerrick of any living thing. Not a blade of grass, not one small weed, not an ant - nothing. As a living being, I suddenly felt out of place. Like I was intruding. Or that I might look up in the sky and not be suprised to see it filled with 3 moons and a planet. I don't really know if it was because of the potent white sulfuric deposits but after a few moments I suddenly became aware that I was breathing very heavily. I was completely out of breath. Was I out of breath from the hike? Or out of breath from the fumes? Then I got hit by fear and suddenly felt really out of breath. All the way up there, on the outer rim, Anak Krakatoa suddenly felt edgy, unpredictable, skittish and strange. 
I felt an overwhelming urge to return to the bottom really quickly.
 This image doesn't really capture the steepness of the climb nor the geothermal heat radiating off the sand but this is where I kind of glided and skated all the way down to the bottom. The sand is incredibly soft so it was actually great fun to take flying leaps and huge strides in a skiing motion all the way down.

I did stop and take a few pictures though. 
This is the view on the way down Anak Krakatoa looking across to the original Krakatoa.
This image really demonstrates just how steep and vertical the climb is.
You can still see the huge crevices carved into the side of Krakatoa where the lava originally flowed in 1883. 
Silent and extinct and lacking in any fury, Krakatoa was happy to provide us with a place to moor, eat a simple lunch and swim & snorkel to our heart's content!

Content Hearts!

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