Sunday, May 8

Walnuts, caramels and cognac browns: Yes Please

I really loved all of Hermes Fall 2010  (here, here and here) -
especially the incredible tasseled canteens gracing the model's necks.
 Stunning accessories.

 here and here too

and this mannequin-styled Sartorialist photo here
I really like the fall of the lapel and wonder if this coat might be reversible?

This one is! Reversible Fendi fur coat via here
captured by Candice Lake
I like the similar way this lapel flips out. 
Somehow, despite the fur and the fact it's Fendi, it manages to look more casual.

I love these brown toned brogues here and have a great boot version myself. I didn't bother bringing any winter clothes to Jakarta. They are all packed in boxes in Sydney where I have occasional flash backs to what is actually in there. Loved spotting those as much as these ones here. 

beautiful antique agate locket here

just a room here

heavenly wooden clutch here

 I really miss rugging up.

Ports 61 amazing wooden clutch here and here
This was showcased in MOMA in 2007


These are stunning in every way. So impressive and leaves most statement jewelry in the dust! (via here)

I love the luxurious mix of leather and silver above. Will have to check with Mum, but 
I'm sure she once bought Dad a hip flask not dissimilar to the one above. (via here)

Hickory clutch here
Beautiful organic and fluid lines.

Nancy Cunard here & here in 1928(!)
An heiress, writer, traveler, political activist and muse, Cunard would not look out of place traveling the globe in Hermes today. One of the things I loved about the collection was it's strong nod to the1920's/30's yet, much like the image of Nancy above, was also very timeless and modern. I can't believe this photo was taken in 1928. She looks so fantastic - modern and completely current.
Below left is a Hermes coat from the same 2011 Fall collection and right is a fantastic image of Cunard in a jacket designed by Sonia Delaunay in 1925. There are definite similarities don't you think?


Sonia Delaunay, Coat made for Gloria Swanson, 1923-24. I also loved her here.

Ok, unobtainable & unaffordable (for me) Hermes Mother's Daydreaming Be Gone! I vanquish thee.


Anonymous said...

The Hermès Inros are beautiful! And do are those brogues. I'm very much into brogues these days after finally getting a pair, and I want a couple of more to round out the wardrobe.

Inspiring post!

Sarah said...

What a muse! Nancy Cunard looks so stylish, worldly and radiates so much charisma from that photo.
Love the aviator look.

sarah said...

Thanks Ladies,

Yes Yes - have you seen this navy blue and white Comme des Garcons version here ( oh my.

and Sarah - I know, she looks amazing doesn't she!

Emma at The Marion House Book said...

Interesting. It definitely seems like the Hermes collection was inspired by Nancy Cunard. I've never heard of her before but interested to do some research. I love women with classic style like hers!

sarah said...

Emma - Image google Nancy Cunard + bracelets and you are in for a treat!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah, Noir as Night will no longer exist within a week because of some code problems. Layout, archive contents and future updates are now available at :) Thanks for your support!

sarah said...

Thanks Patrick can't wait to head over to silencenation.......glad you sorted out the problems.

sarah said...

Hi Patrick, glad you worked it out. silencenation looks great. See you over there!