Sunday, June 19

Actually doing it

I have started painting! 
These are from a quick session the other day. 

texture gallery @ lost and taken via here

 Noah and I have been painting almost everyday for the past couple of weeks. Using the wet-on-wet technique, it's been great watching the paint move itself around the paper with the colours swirling and finding their own way. Watercolours are great! Noah loves to tilt the paper so that blue runs into yellow, turning green before his very eyes! He thinks it's magic. Literally. With no formal background (except a long ago degree in art history) I've been getting inspired by YouTube tutorials, the daily painting movement at RosaPicks, lots of art books (left over from said degree), and a desire to just actually do it. Much like the reason this blog started. It feels so great to just let go, muck in, and paint. Like trying a handstand!

Considering purchasing this but am also trying to just relax and not think it through too much. Actually, it's interesting to see the difference between my effort and Noah's. Noah's paintings look more fluid, balanced and somehow more right (whatever that is). His watercolours seem more natural and organic. His paints mix to form beautiful plumes of colour. With me on the other hand, there seems to be a disconnect. Even though I'm trying to paint as freely as I can, I still feel like I might as well be painting action plans and KPI's at work.
It's a real exercise in letting go and just enjoying the process. 
Rather than striving to get the look right, I need to get the feel right. 

Helen Frankenthaler, First Stone,1961 lithograph here 
It's not watercolour, but you know, any excuse.

Actually, I long to paint like Noah. I feel kind of envious of his uninhibited joyousness and freedom. He just goes for it, no hang ups and ends up with a great final product. I actually think that is the key. I'm so hung up on that final product, on how the painting is going to look, whereas Noah is all about the journey, mannn. 
Woah. I know. Heavy and deep. Well actually, it is. Those little tubes of paint are teaching me quite a lot: that even though I like to think of myself as all relaxed, free and chilled out, I think my paintings may be uptight.
Now I really understand how art can be therapeutic. I'm waiting for the day to paint like zen master noah.

Noah's is the orange-y one at the top. Like some crazy intense sunset. 
Mine is in the middle. The pink and orange one. A little linear. A little neat.
Ok, so I'm actually pretty happy with those colours. It's the lined boxes to the left that have me worried. 
Why do I have to stay in the lines? Why did I draw boxes to begin with? Surely those colours want to break out of their confinement and become a crazy intense sunset too!


cheryl said...

fantastic that you're painting. it feels good to let the creative bugs loose every once in a while.
it's so much fun when the kids get in on the action also.
i quite like the colours in the boxes - but i also find it hard to not stay within the lines. too often i don't finish something because i'm worried it won't be perfect enough!!!
i'm going to take your lead and let loose a little more - see what comes out of it.
keep up the creating!
cheryl xox.

April said...

What a great project for you and your son! I think both your efforts are terrific: there is a time and place for everthing, including linear watercolors :) What are you planning to do with your finished results? A little gallery in a playroom or a hallway of both your pieces (maybe hopscotching one another?) would be so sweet. We framed a trio of painting that Jackson (my oldest) made when he was four - he painted portraits of me, my husband and himself, and even though they're just blobs and circles of variously hued runny paint, I know what they are and love them. Something to think about!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I quite like the little paintings in boxes! They are like a sweet little series. Don't be so hard on yourself! Just do what Feels right and don't worry about how it looks yet...

sarah said...

Hi Cheyrl,

Yes I know what you mean about not sticking with something because it may not be perfect haha. Lines or no lines at least I am happy to be actually doing something creative. Originally, this is what the blog was about. Doing something creative!

sarah said...

Hi April,
That sounds lovely re your framed artworks. I have always been meaning to do that. I actually have a little gallery wall too but it is stuck up with string and blutac rather than framed - some are getting wrecked though so I should look into framing the special ones. Especially because framing is so cheap over here.
I have been thinking about what to do with them - I actually have piles of these. And I would like to put a series up. Thanks for the encouragement!

sarah said...

Rosa - I agree. As they say - it's the journey not the destination!!! Just have to believe it! Actually, it's a miracle I am actually finding the time to paint. It feels luxurious so that is great in and of itself!

Goose Vintage said...

Hi Sarah, well, we very much like your effort as well as your son's and hope that you will continue painting (and not too much by the book!) Actually, if your painting was tacked up into the sky, you might be surprised at what a crazy intense sunset you painted.

sarah said...

Aww shucks Bill and Leo - what a lovely comment and lovely image - of tacking a painting up into the sky. Very poetic - though not suprising coming from you guys!

Anonymous said...

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