Friday, June 24

An afternoon at the gallery

On Tuesday we finished up work early and all went to see a new exhibition in town. 
Indonesian Eye: Fantasies and Realities is a collection of 41 works by 18 emerging artists from all over Indonesia. 
In August it will move from Jakarta to London's Saatchi Gallery!

After downloading the photos, I realised the majority are of Noah writhing around on the floor trying to
get a closer and better look at everything. I envy a child's enthusiasm and lack of inhibition.

PS. so much for my big claims of being a cataloguing extraordinaire.
I decided that the time had finally come to label all of these posts. A herculean effort (for a little while at least),
but glad it finally got done!


Anonymous said...

It made me so happy to see your little one crawling around and truly trying to connect with the art! Kudos to you for letting him!!

sarah said...

Thanks Rosa - it's nice to try see things through a child's eyes again!

Squeezed Daily said...

H Sarah,
Sorry I havn't visited for a while, I usally catch up on my reading on my ipad, but sadly it's busted (I loved it to death!)

I love Indonesian art, it's a bit quirky and fresh. I dread taking my son to the gallery, I'm scared he'll get tasered by one of the guards for touching!

Have a fantastic weekend.
(ps did my reply email find you?)

sarah said...

Hi - yes somehow he probably wounldn't get away with too much writhing in a gallery in other parts of the world. haha at the tasering -well not really except that tom and I had to do our own version of a little tasering ourselves when he got too close to one painting with a bottle of water he was drinking. I gave him more of a shock I think as reflex actions made me run and grab him rather quickly. It could have been a disaster!
Yep I got it thanks. Have a great weekend too!