Thursday, June 23

Beauty and function: jewellery bowls

Swooning over Laura Carlin's painted ceramic bowls 
Laura is an illustrator first so her ceramics are not only beautifully and organically rendered,
 her graphics are great as well. Storing jewellery is exactly what I'd use these for!
I'd worry too much if these ended up in the kitchen storing fruit.

Laura here again

and again (my favourite one)

Table Tonic jewellery via here

Laura's lovely earthy tones here again

Intricate textile patterning  (via here)

.........and this one too (Joe Kievitt via here)........
 for no other reason than these beautifully patterned textiles remind me of the bowls!

last one of laura's here
What would you put in these bowls? Disclaimer: these are not actual jewellery bowls.
I just like the concept. Beauty and function.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the quilted look of the first and last bowls! I went to her website and that wobbly city scape is Fabulous too!!
My stepdad is a potter and usually doesn't do functional work ( But a while back he did a wonderful functional series! I made off with a couple of pieces and use them every day!!

sarah said...

I will check it out! I have been buying a ceramic few bits and pieces but always worry they will break. I really loved that wobbly city scape too. Love that she has a little of the naive art style going on in some of the pieces!

Goose Vintage said...

We're loving the handpainted designs - if it can't be vintage, we love hand made and decorated like these!

sarah said...

Hi Bill and Leo, glad you like these!