Wednesday, June 15


I know I'm probably a bit late to the party on these,
but I admire clever people who can put a spin on ordinary objects.
I'd love to order this living necklace here.
Image above and below from Colleen Jordan's Etsy shop.

Love the lettering in this Dirty Girl Clayworks 

ha ha and these too......Letterpress cards from Saplings Press via yellowtrace 
I do try Grammar, I really do. You should really talk to my sons.

 !! Remember those days!!
I still find it excruciating when on the rare occasion I watch something with my lovely dad, 
the obligatory sex scene pops up. The opening scene of french film Betty Blue, anyone? 
I do not recommend that as a first date movie. Oh lord.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha I love that last one!

Squeezed Daily said...

That plant necklace is so sweet,
it would be hard to et people to
look at your eyes when wearing that. The Grammer card - I need one
on my desk, as I suck at spelling and grammer.:(
Sarah xx

Squeezed Daily said...

Oh how ironic, that last comment-
the 'g' is sticky on my key pad so
words are missin ...well you know.

April said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE those notes! I saw a feature on them a while back and one of them made me positivley GUFFAW out loud:

Dear iceberg,

How is global warming working out for you? Karma's a bitch, isn't it?

The Titanic

Seriously ... made me laugh all day! THANK YOU for posting these: I needed a reason to smile today :)

April said...

PS - I like the idea of the living necklace but what happens when you bend over? Wouldn't your plant just keep falling out? I wonder about the risk of soil in the cleavage ....

sarah said...

@April - haha re titanic!

Thanks again lovely ladies.

ha Now I am thinking about the soil/plant falling out conundrum too. Some days, I all about the conundrums!

Anonymous said...

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