Wednesday, June 22

Compact living in Sydney: making every bit count

While we live in typical expat mega-structure style over here in Jakarta (it's virtually impossible not to), 
I think a lot about our move back to Sydney at the beginning of next year. We won't move into the part-owner of my heart straight away. We'll instead move back to the city first. With five of us it will be tight, but we will make it work. While I am usually drawn to pictures of big beautiful rambling gardens and old country homes, I still keep one eye on small spaces and compact living.

I really love this clever use of space above. Unless you are really lucky, it seems you have to make a choice between small and compact near the city or big and airy in the suburbs.
For lots of reasons, we will choose the city.

Loving this almost invisible clever storage. 
The top one has that lovely warm honey injection of mid century wood. In an otherwise stark white setting 
it creates such a lovely ambiance. While of course I love form to follow function, in small spaces first and foremost, it's got to be practical. The crazy impractical stuff (like my 2 glorious and very old Chinese printing cabinets - the ones that can't actually hold anything except for small Chinese printing blocks!) might fit happily in the country but sadly not in the city.

bike rack via here

brilliant via here

I love how this pretty storage area doubles as a display for one of my 
favourite ornaments - babushka dolls! 
Why not display what you love somewhere you will see it everyday!

And now for something completely different: what about this revelation from Martha Stewart! 
She teaches a simple trick: to store a sheet set in each set's respective pillow slip.
How cool is that! Maybe sad that I find it cool but I struggle with a mismatched linen cupboard
 usually in complete disarray. At least this will introduce some method in our soon- to-be small home.
Simple pleasures! 


April said...

That bike rack is pure genius, and gorgeous to boot. Love it. Ditto the loft above the kitchen, and Martha Stewart (I, too, am constantly vexed by a mismatched, messy linen cupboard, but maybe no longer!) What's the official timeline on the big move back to Sydney?

Anonymous said...

Love that top photo! How much fun to have a bedroom on top of the kitchen- somehow like being a kid again!

sarah said...

Yep space at a premium or not - I would love that loft bed too. It looks so cozy and carefree!

Jo Jo said...

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