Wednesday, June 8

Cuffs and bangles in The Square


And cuff!
I don't mean to have cryptic sounding post titles. This one is literal. We went to Kota, the old Dutch part of Jakarta, a few weekends ago and spent an hour or so in the square. It was Maddy's last day and she wore the Balinese cuff I gave her as a Welcome to Indonesia gift! 

After juggling drinks, children and lunch at Cafe Batavia, we wondered around the square the cafe overlooks. It's not far from the morning walk we took through Chinatown last month.

A quiet moment (courtesy of an iPhone)

The square is very Dutch colonial and if it wasn't for the amazing assortment of Indonesian games, street hawkers and other entertainment, you may not think you were in Indonesia. I know this is silly and that The Flying Nun has absolutely no relationship whatsoever to early Dutch colonialism over here, but for some reason I always imagine Sally Fields flying through the air, in her nun habit, hovering above the square. I grew up watching re-runs and I'm sure part of it must have been set in one. Ok, back to the bangles.

Colouful bangles lay strewn about in a game. The aim being to throw a bangle from a distance in an attempt to land it on the bottle's neck. The prize? The bottle of soft drink, and if you get unlucky, a packet of attached cigarettes too.

Noah having his turn.

Traditional batik and contemporary street-wear

Peddle power!

Peddle Beauty.

And peddles with hats. 
A favourite past time, you can hire bike-with-hat for a ride around the square!

 Or feast on typical street-cart heart attack fare.....fired tofu, tempeh, fritters, yam. 
Try to stay away from these but they can taste awfully good once in a while.

And for the sake of the title - check out these vintage beauties below.

House Of Lavande vintage YSL cuff. Yah they have a blog too!

House of Lavande vintage seashell cuff

House of Lavande vintage Pierre Cardin cuff. My favorite. Clean and sleek.
I do love me some cuffs. Remember this one?


Chuzai Living said...

Hi! thanks for your lovely comment! Nice to meet you and find you on the blogland! I'm excited to hear that you now live in Jakarta. I hope your experience here will be as great as mine! I love Jakarta!! Maybe one day we'll run into each other! :)

April said...

OK, your afternoon walk was waaaay better than mine! I love the photo of the bikes with hats, Sarah. That would be an amazing print blown up on canvas. Maybe a new piece of artwork for your Australian home??

Anonymous said...

Why aren't the "pedal power" kids smiling?! That looks super fun to my child self!!

sarah said...

Hi Rosa, I just noticed that - one lttle one even looks like he might want to get out!

Hi April, Thanks! I never think of my photos in that way so it is nice hear that imagine one actually blown up! You are welcome too! I can always send you the proper file.

Thanks Kaho - hope all is well and nice to discover some other local expat bloggers!

Squeezed Daily said...

Seashell one rocks.

Squeezed Daily said...

Oh I just realized there was more than just those cuffs,
Looks like a great time in the square, the pedal power ferris wheel is a crack up.
Have a great week xx
Sarah W

sarah said...

Hi Sarah - yer actually the pedal power guy was smoking during the entire ride. I'm still not used to walking into restaurants and being asked if I prefer smoking or non-smoking. In Australia as we know - No Way to that anymore!