Saturday, June 25

Dissidence and opening doors

via fashion gone rogue

After watching our 4 year old break out (in a good way) at his first visit to an art gallery
(writhing around and soaking everything up), as well as our recent painting sessions, 
the image above came to mind. I've had it filed away for a while. It's so striking.
Ok, so she's a beauty with an attitude, but it's the painting on the wall I really love.
I'd love to let loose and do something like that!
Looks like it would be therapeutic too!

Love this door, this colour, this floor and the promise of
what's behind it. You can see the whole apartment here.

Daggy segue ahead - another door opened this week -  artist and dissident 

(albeit with probationary conditions, but still such great news)

I was upset when I wrote about him here (which includes the original back story if you're interested). 
I know there are so many things going on in the world and that this may pale in comparison to other injustices which I have and still do struggle with on here sometimes. Trying to reconcile all the pretty shiny things with the absolute awful things going on elsewhere. It can be strange. In many ways naval gazing blogging is a refuge from that chaos. Especially living here, so close to so much of it. And living with someone so involved in it. Without sounding flippant, I like to think that Tom takes care of one side and I take care of the other. We kind of balance each other out like that. Literally - take a look at the drawings on the wall in his story. 
Sad. Not shiny.


Anonymous said...

1. I looooove that painted wall!!!
2. That 'hidden' doorway and hall reflect a Very different mood than that painted wall!
3. Awesome news about Ai Weiwei!

Squeezed Daily said...

That's great news he's free! It's the small battles that should not be forgotten. I love your blog, you balance the simple pleasures ( which we all need ) with issues that define who we really are. Thanks for the inspiration to blog with purpose.

Posie Patchwork said...

Very interesting way of looking at things - my husband goes to war, i'm raising 4 beautiful children, soft, gentle, loving, creative & caring children, it could not be more different. Love Posie

sarah said...

Hi ladies!

Thanks Rosa!

Sarah - you're so sweet - as always - hope you had a good weekend!

Hi Posie, thanks for your thoughtful comment too. There are lots of contradictions in this world aren't there?! Glad to know you are raising such lovely children while your husband is away! It's hard enough when husbands are around! Thanks for visiting.

April said...

Balance is essential between gritty and pretty, horror and happy. My husband does the "good work" in social services with marginalized populations, and I sometimes struggle with my own contributions to the world which seem very trivial in comparison to his. That being said, I am starting to understand that he - and everyone - NEED the lighter things to keep from becoming overwhelmed by the dark. So dramatic, but it's really really true I think.