Wednesday, June 1

Flights of Fantasy

Guess where the above spaces belong? In a treehouse! (Trying to contain my enthusiasm and not squeal that last word). They are so cool! I would love love love to build one of these. We definitely might even have the trees for it.

Baumraum, from Germany are treehouse builders. There are so many great designs to choose from!
 Imagine having a such an amazing place to escape to.

I really like this image a lot. You get a sense of how tall these trees really are.

I love trees. So treehouses are about as good as it gets for me! I always loved the idea of having a garden full of trees. Inbetween fighting for space living in the city, I've only ever lived in three homes with tall trees before. The last one I fantasised about stringing walkways between a few of the really tall ones, ewok-style, but I never imagined treehouses like these ones were even possible. Our new place (the one we are yet to live in and the one you are possibly all sick of hearing about) has the most beautiful and majestic elm trees. The kind of trees you might bow to, or even hug. Although I don't consider myself a tree-hugging hippy, I think I might not be far off if only for the fact I have immense respect and love for such huge soaring beauties. Remember the apple throwing trees in The Wizard of Oz? Years later, I can still recall that scene.

I actually think a lot about our elm trees. Imagining them as givers of dappled light. Or standing tall and defiant in a howling storm being pelted with rain. In some of the many prayers I said and wishing I did during the fretful wait to see whether the house would be ours or not, I actually meditated a lot on these trees (and by meditation I probably mean more like daydreaming or imagining them as wise old sentinels or custodians watching over the property until it became officially ours). My father, a fellow tree admirer - passed this love down to me. My childhood was full of country drives and bush walks, and inevitably he would always direct my attention to great trees. This was always kind of joked about (especially later as an eye rolling teenager) until I woke up one day to discover that his appreciation eventually seeped into my consciousness too. Now I love trees too and my own children roll their eyes at me!

Two of my favorite little quotes are related to trees:

I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do.  
Willa Cather, 1913 

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.  
Nelson Henderson

I love this last one because I have wondered a lot about who planted the elm trees in our garden. What the weather was like the day they planted them, what else they did that day and all the little steps it took to put them in the ground. Were they happy? Were they sad? Did they have their children playing around them? Did their back ache at the end of the day? Might they have wondered who might one day sit under them far in the future. 

Another Baumraum treehouse interior.

A floating and glowing treehouse by Lakasz Kos, Ontario, Canada via inhabitat

More floating and glowing in Baumraum again

These just really appeal to that lingering 
childhood sense of creating cozy cubby house spaces. 

...and again. These are great spaces no matter where they are found.
The fact that they actually sit among the treetops is the icing. No, the cake.

Are you kidding me? This fantastic playful organic globe seems to defy gravity.

Can this place really exist?

It's actually a restaurant in New Zealand, The Yellow Treehouse that you can also read about here

And just one more, (maybe the best one last)......
The tree house, Carinthia, Austria

The view - overlooking Lake Millst├Ątter. sigh.


mrs c. said...

absolutely stunning pics. just amazing. i want to live in that last one with the view!! and i certainly don't get tired of your talking/blogging about your new home. it must be so frustrating to have it - yet not be able to make it truly your own. not yet.
we had a huge tree in our backyard - can't for the life of me think of what it was right now - brain is fried!! but i always climbed up in it to get some peace and quiet.

mrs c. said...

ha - it was a willow tree!!
knew it would come to me.
did horrible things to the pipes around the house - and we had no lawn underneath - but golly it was great to climb and hide in!!

Anonymous said...

Tree house life sounds like a fairy tale! Such beautiful images!

April said...

Even though we live in a fairly urban neighborhood where most of the trees are still young, there's a tree in the yard directly behind ours that is hundreds of years old and just as tall. Last summer the property owners sawed off nearly half the crown (being afraid that a branch would snap and take out most of the house), and the whole neighborhood sat in vigil. I guess no one really realized how important that tree was to our neighborhood identity until it changed ... funny how that happens? We've all now adjusted to its new look - including the tree, which is still thriving - and in the end it makes me happy that it will still be there for many years to come. Perhaps I should suggest THEY build a treehouse ... they could charge a cover fee for the neighborhood kids to use it!

sarah said...

Thanks Mrs C! yes frustrating but exciting. Just hope the dreaming matches the reality when we finally get there of course!
I love willow trees. We had one once but it seemed to cause all sorts of problems with the drains. I think they are good planted near water ways! Yes trees are a lovely thing to climb! As always, thanks for stopping by!

sarah said...

Hi April, thank for sharing that story. I held my breath as I was reading but relieved that it had a happy ending thank goodness. That's lovely how all the neighbourhood stood by in concern.

sarah said...

HI Rosa - yes treehouses are in the realm of complete escapism and fantasy for sure!

Sarah said...

My ultimate dream home, they are so awesome, the suspended ball was my favourite.