Tuesday, June 28

Rooms with temperaments

Cool, restrained and sophisticated via keep feeling fascination

Can a space be described as steady and level-headed? Be given attributes normally used to describe human characteristics? I am the first one to love my pops of colour. There is something hot, volatile and passionate about brightly coloured spaces. But what about lovely pops of muted honey-toned woods? These places feel subdued, quiet and comforting. Spaces I know my husband would really like. These have been on my desktop for a while and they always remind me of the kind of rooms I would love to create for him. I think I am inching more and more towards this kind of muted sensibility.
I really really like these spaces. 

Somehow these rooms come across all self-composed and level-headed.
Restrained, cool & serene. 

Herringbone flooring. My great love here and at the very beginning.
It's funny, while I love the rush & chaos & emotion of colour 
(I even have a label dedicated to it!), there is something so steady, tranquil and understated 
about these rooms. Like they are not showing off. Or trying too hard.

Grounded, strong and understated via apartment therapy

Another quiet room via the marion house book
This room actually manages to exude maturity, depth and substance.

And in the kitchen pops of honey-toned goodness too  (via here) 
I am slowly but surely building up a collection of wooden boards of all shapes and sizes. 
They can be bought quite cheaply over here. 
There is actually a lot of lovely rustic and functional kitchenware in Jakarta.

Coffee which is not in a hurry via simple lovely

 Grounded and loving via keep feeling again
This space is in former factory in Milan. Loving the wire wall art.

 Calming lighting ha via here

ps Have not seen Tom in 5 days - he's been away working (which kind of might explain this post!). Tonight we are heading out post afternoon thunderstorm (I presume - it's just begun as I type this) to sit in a little curtained booth at our favourite Japanese restaurant and eat lots of raw yummy fish. We'll have our nice walk home afterwards. Something that we try to do regularly. A luxury in Jakarta when you usually have to move around by car. So in that respect, something so simple can be blissful and much appreciated. 

So very corny I know but I dedicate these spaces to him. I've really missed him lately as he has been travelling quite a lot. I'm going to get you one of those Eames lounge chairs one of these days my love (hopefully thrifted cause I don't want a replica!) I live in hope - read this great Eames thrifted story via The Brick House here. Always loved this story and all the other great finds they acquire. They enforce a rule where they do not spend over $100 on any one item. So if you love op-shopping this is a great place to go. 
Op Shopping, markets, rummaging - it's the one thing I really really miss over here.


April said...

Love all of these rooms and love that you've captioned some of them as "not trying too hard." That perfectly captures the mood. They all feel composed and super-restful but not boring at all: serene and calm. They're sort of the image (manifested in a room) of what I'd like to project to the world when I grow up ... well put together, very interesting and very self-possessed. A girl can dream!

Anonymous said...

OH man! I love those rooms! And I love your comment, April!

Kellie Collis said...

Fabulous! Love that kitchen and work space! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

sarah said...

Thanks lovely ladies,

Rosa - what you said! I'm sure you are extremely well put together though April!! Growing up is a life time's work I think....

Thanks for visiting Kellie yes would love to be whipping up something in that kitchen!

claudia said...

Love your blog sarah, those chevron floors get me everytime! Peepmystyle xx

Anonymous said...

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