Tuesday, June 7

Sunday Afternoon in Jakarta: salted caramel brownies and night swimming

We spent a very lazy Sunday at home this weekend. 
We bought home some of our favorite take-away from a local street cart, which also happens to be a favourite of most Indonesian's too - Soto Ayam or chicken soup! It's a spicy and sour elixir, which after a busy week, was most definitely good for the soul.

 Brown paper packages filled with rice.  The packaging is always lovely here.
The turmeric gives the broth it's golden hue. 

Lime is squeezed on lots of dishes over here. It gives the soto a fantastic sourness 
which cuts the spicy sambal we usually add. The limes and little bags of sambal always come with the soup.  
   Bits of golden crunchy fried garlic sits on top of the rice.

As usual over here, the day was very hot so there was swimming after lunch.....

And after swimming - oh my goodness - there was salted caramel brownies. You have to try these. They are amazing. Those little specks of pale goodness is the caramel that weaves itself throughout the brownie.
The recipe comes from Emma at The Marion House Book and you can see her mouthwatering photos here. You will understand why I had no choice except To. Make. The. Brownies. Then of course it became more of a Can't. Stop. Eating. The. Brownies. Problem.

Later on that day, friends joined us for dinner (and shared the brownies!). Afterwards we all went night swimming in the rain. One of the pleasures of living in Jakarta is the weather. Sometimes too hot, sometimes too steamy, but always conducive to swimming, no matter what the time. It's crazy to think my family and friends are freezing in Sydney right now, while we are splashing around not only at night, but in the rain! 

Peace out dear Esther 


mrs c. said...

oh - for some warmth!!
it didn't make the double figures here in canberra - eek!!
ust try those brownies....or perhaps i shouldn't.....

Anonymous said...

I can't even address the brownies. My blood sugar is going crazy just looking at the picture! But what I wouldn't do for some night swimming in the rain!? It's been perfectly warm here- about 80 degrees fahrenheit. But soooo dry, I'm like a human potato chip!

April said...

Soup, brownies, rain swimming? Jealous ....

Sarah said...

Hi Sarah,
YUM YUM YUM! When we go to bali that's what we get for dinner. I love the wrapping, bannana leaf wrapping is cool too. Your rubbing it in, I wish I was there.

sarah said...

Hi Lovely ladies!

yes don't worry I will be making myself jealous also when I look back at this post after we return to Australia. Just so you know, we will be returning to postage stamp sized living (with no pool!) and this will all seem like a wonderful dream. In the grand scheme of things, it's all very temporary (hence bragging rights for a while longer!)
Thanks for your lovely comments xo

sarah said...

@Sarah - yes I love the banana leaf wrappings too. Most days at work my lunch comes wrapped in a banana leaf. I always get a kick out of that!