Saturday, June 4

Things made out of unusual things

A kitchen bench covered in lego!  {via here}

A dress made of m & m's in All You Can Get by photographer Ryan Yoon via Fashion Gone Rogue
It's worth having a look at a few of the other unusual dresses 
Dresses made from teddy bears, iPads and motor bikes!
Have a great weekend!


April @ Money Pit Love said...

I'm not sure I totally dig the candy dress: I imagine it would be very sticky in places I generally like to keep sugar-free! However, I am ALL OVER that Lego island. Time to put the kids to work ... !

Anonymous said...

That dress looks just like your blog background! Fabulous lego island!!

Sarah said...

Ha, I would imagine yelling at the kids to stop pulling apart the kitchen bench!

sarah said...

lol @ sarah! Imagine having to pick it all up at the end of the day!