Monday, June 6

yellow and orange trajectory

This zesty colour combination  here 

The gummy bears don't impress me as much as the fantastic colours in this chandelier. 
Coloured lamps always impart a really nice glow at night 
and as an added bonus look great by day.

Red chandelier in photographer Anita Calero's NYC loft
 Perfecion including the cork board fridge door
 (which makes for a nice change from the chalk board versions)

Anita's home again. You can see the rest of it here.
It's one of my favorite homes. I have it in a magazine somewhere too.

A Paris apartment in a Steal this Look from Remodelista

Coloured chandelier via Desire to Inspire
You can see this whole Chicago office and studio here 

Ok so now I am on a roll. It's easy as I mine my lighting folder.

Glenn & Gina O'Brien's mid-century pendant beauty at The Selby (remember their amazing pool here)
Their whole home is seriously good. Imagine stumbling across this at a garage sale.

Found this picture of my baby, my mother and my brother in our old home around 3 years ago. 
Gosh time flies. 
It's the only photo I can find with some of my old colourful lights in the background - thought I better put my money where my mouth is (baby's arm is kind of obscuring another one). I had four of these, grouped all together. I no longer have any of them. Which is fine since they were made of paper and quite temporary and crushable (and cheap). I'm not too sure if I would use them again although they gave the most beautiful night time glow. They were kind of accidental in that I remember buying them quickly in a rush to put something up straight away and then of course they just stayed. 

By the way, you can see our old Sydney kitchen here in NYC which is kinda a buzz. Ok, it's a buzz. Nice to have someone refer to your kitchen as warm, glow-y and art-filled. I try people I do!

Love the styling too

..or glass blown globes via Marion House Book

accordion book light here

Another use for chalk board paint. Phew, because we needed more.

back to more festive and crushable colour here

 Vintage Bill Blass Halter Ombre dress in silk chiffon via Moda Operandi 
Floaty goodness. 
If you start with yellow & orange fashion you gotta finish with yellow & orange fashion.


April said...

Your former kitchen is gorgeous, Sarah ... very brave of you to put up not just one or two, but MANY pieces of art in an area where people would generally be afraid of splashes and whatnot ruining the work. It gave your space a really unique, homey vibe. And the chandelier in pic #3 is awesome, as is the corkboard fridge door. It's definitely getting the wheels turning on ideas for updating our old fridge to something new, useful and spectacular ... Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I just 'pinned' three of your pics! I want to make the mason jar chandelier, and I love that you hang paintings in the kitchen!!

sarah said...

Thanks so much for your lovely words April. Yes I know what you mean about the splashing etc - a lot of those pieces were flea finds. Not that that means I love them any less, except it took the edge of the potential for splashings! The other's were glass framed and could be wiped. I don't know - it all just worked somehow! Yes I want to do a corkboard fridge too one day.

sarah said...

Hi Rosa - thought you would appreciate some art in the kitchen! Happy Pinning, as they say!

Sarah said...

Sorry Sarah, I'm abit slow this week, trying to catch up on your lovely posts! I was working on a "a touch of yellow" post last night, and I just say your orange and yellow post...we both have great taste!

sarah said...

@sarah - lol sorry for having a mini freakout! yes AND great minds think alike etc etc. Can't wait to see more lovely colours....

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Wow, Sarah: your blog is a fantastic discovery, too!! You have a lovely lens through which to see the world, curating such beauty!

sarah said...

Thanks A. Likewise of course!