Friday, July 1


Just a quick drop in tonight. It's been roller coaster of a week. Literally moments before our friends arrived from Sydney midweek, the guard fell off a ladder while changing a light bulb in our living room. There was blood and panic as he was knocked out cold. He fell about 5 metres onto a hard marble floor, needing 12 sutures to the back of his head. Naturally it was all very dramatic and distressing with concerns over brain function and memory loss.

Thankfully, he's now ok and after two nights in hospital he just arrived back home!

It's been stressful trying to balance work and P's head injury - all while wanting to maintain the necessary fun holiday-y vibe our friends are entitled to after travelling all the way over here to have a holiday. Life goes on though. Suffice to say I feel like a break, and luckily we are getting one! We all leave early tomorrow morning for a weekend in Palau Macan, an island in Indonesia's Thousand Islands region. Thousand Islands is actually a string of 105 islands off Java - so only a boat ride from Jakarta Bay. These photos of an earlier trip to Bali have been on my desktop for a while and am hoping I will come home with a similar batch this time. Just want to lay on the beach and become a sand inspector for the weekend and when not inspecting sand, inspecting clouds.
No phone, no computer, no blog, no stats counter, no work. No nothing. Good times ahead!


cheryl said...

oh my goodness sarah - here i just posted about our hospital visit last night (not as blood filled as yours) - and i come over here to read this!
i hope that p is recovering well.
huge scare i'm sure - and i'm sure now he's home it will take some time for your heart and head to settle down.
have a wonderful and well deserved break - and enjoy the warmth for me - it's flippin cold down here this winter!!!
hugz to you all.
cheryl xox.

Squeezed Daily said...

Oh my gosh, five meters...a very close call indeed.
You need a break after that! Have fun, wish I was
Going away for a bit.
Sar x

rojo said...

R & R will do you good. What great pics of the little man. I bet he's having fun without older siblings!

Rho XX

sarah said...

Oh no Cheryl! Hope everything is ok - off to visit your blog now!

sarah said...

Hi Sar yes I read your getaway desire just before I left and thought that you better not come over here and read where I was off too! lol. The only thing I can say is that next year when I am back in cold Sydney I will be dreaming of tropical weather and Queensland will be looking great! I will be dreaming of your tropical life style!!

sarah said...

Rho Rho - yah so glad you are officially on here. Thank you for always being a great support to this place it means a lot! Missing the boys but enjoying the 'respite' haha. They will be back in a week. They arrive back a day after our friends leave. I can't wait to see them! I do miss them of course but they are having a great time and so are we so it's a big adventure for all of us!

April said...

So glad everything (and everyone!) is OK! I'm loving these photos, Sarah. GAWR-geous shots of your boy ... I'm so jealous!

Emma at The Marion House Book said...

Hope you enjoyed your trip and that p is feeling better that must have been quite the shock!

deux chiens et un garcon said...

So sorry to ehar about the accident and hope all is on the mend.

The island hop sounds wonderful. Keen to see your photos and hear about your time.

Best wishes for all your family.

We are dreaming about some time in Bali. Is a good place to go with a small toddler?


sarah said...

Thanks Ladies! All is well - he is taking some time off work. The trip was great!

Jill - I do recommend it but can also recommend other places in the area too! I prefer Lombok - specifically Gili Trawangan (an island just off it). It has no cars and you get around in a horse and sulky or bike (they will put on an attachment for baby) It's great fun and really special!