Tuesday, July 5


Behind the scenes at Miu Miu via sea of shoes

I saved this image a while ago. I love all the detail. The shoes, of course. The star on her dress worn with the practical binder clips. The sublime collar. Her strong profile and gaze. Relaxed yet focused and purposeful. Like the photographer maybe caught a quiet moment in what I can imagine was a crazy flurry of activity. 

light-filled beauty via fine ting og sjokolade - where you can see the rest of the loft space. Sigh

Then I later came across this great bathroom and the two images somehow went together (well in my crazy mind they did!) Somehow I could imagine the Miu Miu girl coming home here. I love all this detail too. The sky light window, the golden jug, the hanging slippers, the funny little box with bunny ears, the sink table and the raw floor. The soft light and delicate pinks. A perfect bathroom ,yes?


Anonymous said...

That space is Amazing! Love the sink on the table and that tiny mirror... I've got to click the link to see more!!!

sarah said...

You're in for a treat Rosa!

Squeezed Daily said...

That dress, I want! (and the cute bunny box) hubby would say no.:(

April said...

YES! Next time around when I'm reborn into my next left as a globe-trotting European heiress, THIS is what the bathroom will look like in my Paris pied-a-terre.