Monday, July 4

Kapow! Superhero beauty

superhero cheekbones here

(I spent at least 3 years of primary school with my best friend Heidi making crepe paper skirts, 
garbage bag dresses and putting on concerts with hairbrush microphones!)

superhero mask here

Love all of these striking images. The photography, the clothes, the saturated colours and of 
course the model! Had fun arriving home yesterday and checking out pics of her wedding over the weekend! 
Slightly embarrassed if my Dad reads this. He will think it's rot - rot as in googling celebrity weddings! 
I'm just a sucker for any pretty pictures, Dad. 
Superfluous I know. But so beautiful.

superhero lips and jacket here


April said...

Ah, at the risk of alientating you, my friend, I never saw the appeal of Kate Moss. Love the graphic nature of the pics but not the model. I wouldn't mind being a superhero in real life, though obviously sans any sort of unitard (but I WOULD take those platforms in a heartbeat!)

sarah said...

Ok. Sorry April. We can't be friends! haha. Well I have always thought she is so lovely looking and I always felt a teeny tiny connection because I grew up alongside her magazine covers and editorials (I think a year separates us) and she was so different from the age of the 'not getting out of bed for less than $10,000' supermodel which just predated her. As an awkward teen Kate's beauty looked mildly (I use that term loosely ha)achievable! Plus, we are all about the superhero in our house right now with Noah. I've got them on my mind for sure!

Squeezed Daily said...

That pic with Kate wrapped in cellophane confirms that she would look good wearing anything!!! She must have some sort of superpowers, she gets away with everything and can't age. (smoking, cocaine, drinking and not eating= eternal youth???