Monday, July 11

Light Drawing

One of the things I loved doing this weekend was experimenting with light drawings. A while ago I came across this post at Made By Joel all about using long exposure. He in turn had been inspired by Picasso here! (Made by Joel is one of the places I go when I need to print out colouring sheets or want to feel inadequate due to my total lack of crafting). Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with my effort and definitely want to try some more of these.

The setting certainly lent itself to experimenting: bonfires, fireworks and sparklers. Not to mention active volcanoes! Did you know that an adult holding sparklers magically creates a vortex whereby all children in the immediate vicinity will naturally gravitate? Much like moths to a flame? Or the Pied Piper? Incredible.

Long exposure fireworks

 Well, if you're not sick of me blathering on about Krakatoa by now you may well soon be. As mentioned before, it has become our go-to spot to take visitors. And with good reason. Nothing quite beats the spectacle of an erupting volcano. We packed up on Friday and drove down in convoy, spending two nights on the beach with our Sydney friends plus some Jakarta friends too. 

  This time visibility was so low that it wasn’t until Krakatau’s looming outline was upon us could we behold it’s awesomeness. It all felt a bit windswept, overcast and moody this time. 
Less tropical island and more dawn of time!

 A passing and aesthetically pleasing fishing boat

 Original Krakatau appearing in background

I have to say, that even after three trips, seeing an exploding Anak Krakatau just gets better and better. In fact, between lurching around on the boat trying to photograph and adequately capture just how majestic and awe-inspiring it was, I cried. Tears of joy. I’m not too sure why I cried except that perhaps witnessing such a jaw-dropping event that has been happening since the dawn of time just feels, well, worthy of tears. 
It was an immensely moving experience. Plus we saw dolphins on the way there just to top it off!


clare said... if exploding volcano's, special friends and dolphins weren't enough... they throw in that completely beautiful little multi-coloured boat as well - picture perfect.

sarah said...

I know Clare - I was all 'give me a break' at that boat. It was like a boat from a fairy tale just casually glided by!

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for your lovely comment! Sorry to reply you so late :( I have been freaking busy for my school work in the past months. How’s going on so far??

Anonymous said...

Crazy! Kind of apocalyptic... until you see the 'fairy tale' boat!

sarah said...

Hi Rosa - yes a good word to describe it. I like that!

Hi Patrick - good luck with school. Had been missing your fashion posts. All is well - get back to work!

April said...

Love the light show!! And the boat, and the landscape? Beautiful! I am SO living vicariously right now ...

Squeezed Daily said...

Your lucky you have some ware cool to take your visitors, some ware that you haven't got sick of, unlike dream world or sea world.