Friday, July 8

Picture Perfect

Bliss aka island hopping in a rubber dinghy.

This photo is taken looking back to Palau Macan - the teeny tiny island we stayed on last weekend.
Noah is standing on the even teeny tinier uninhabited island that we swam or rubber dinghy-ed across too each day. I actually managed to snorkel across too! 

Looking out from our deck!
Unbelievable. Could not get over how stunning it was. 

 Everyone spent lots of time swimming and exploring straight out in front of it.


These really are quintessential desert islands. White sands. Gently lapping clear blue water. What tropical islands are supposed to look like. Feeling silly that we've never been here before. Only 2.5 hours from our home in Jakarta so to think it was on our doorstep all along..........

Beautiful rustic simple 

Winding down

Winding up

Mandatory sand burying.
We are back in Krakatoa for the next few days which seems to be our go-to spot for taking visiting friends. Yep. It's tough. Have a great weekend!


April said...

So, so, SO gorgeous!

deux chiens et un garcon said...

oh my goodness it just keeps on getting better.

Maybe I should apply to do some work in Jakarta?

You all look so happy and warm. We are freezing our butts off here.

sunshine and happiness to you.


Squeezed Daily said...

We're freezing our butt's off too (as comment above) I think you've found a little slice of heaven there. And so close to home, you could go every weekend if you wanted! Were you guys the only ones staying there, how many rooms?
Envious in Brisbane,

sarah said...

Thanks ladies!

April - I know. Pictures talk!

Jill - yes yes although your upcoming adventure sounds exciting!

Sarah - you are right - it is so close to home but it's really expensive - like a 6 star hotel really so the cost is pretty prohibitive (for us) on any sort of regular basis. Although I am looking into some other options in the area in the meantime. The bungalows are more like big airy rooms (we had 1 queen and 2 single beds) and I think there are about 10 bungalows all up). Such a shame about the cost!

clare said...

Absolutely beautiful... wish we were there!!!

sarah said...

I wish you were too Clare. Our door is always open. Probably a bit much to manage with renovations though!