Friday, August 12

Home delivery

Captured in the image above: one of the perks of living here

Taken in our garage the other day, the neigbourhood tailor spent the afternoon working though a bundle of odd sewing jobs. Arriving on his sewing machine-bicycle, he took hemlines up and down, sewed buttons and turned round necks into v necks. Even though this is a common sight and occupation here, to my very western sensibility, it still always feels completely luxurious to have someone deliver this service in your own home!
Indonesia, how will I ever leave you?

Wednesday, August 10

Javanese Baskets

We recently picked up these simple baskets in West Java. Nothing beats the feeling of cruising around dusty hot Indonesian country towns (preferably with girlfriend in tow - hello sweet jane) and coming across fantastic wares such as these. Used for holding rice, they embody two of my favorite things in an object: beauty and function.

Tuesday, August 9

The Bather

Oliver Voss, "Die Badende" (The Bather) found at Village and via here too
Loving this crazy giant sculpture in the Binnenalster lake in Hamburg, Germany. 
Fascinating in that Gulliver's Travels kind of way as well as the fact she comes across as 
someone just minding her own business enjoying a dip in the lake! Her pose is so natural!

Trying to get back in to the swing of things, harness spare time and channel it into something productive.
It's proving slightly challenging right now. School starts back this Thursday. Work started back last week for me and after what felt like one continuous holiday there for a while, I seem to have lost my ability to do two things at once. Trying to catch up on lots of things. Friends are returning to town from their summer break, some are just about to leave, the city has wound down for Ramadan, and while I am still loving to visit other blogs, I just can't seem to find the time to visit mine! Thank you for sticking around!

Monday, August 1

Wondrous bounty

These amazing volcanic beach rocks (they stretched for kilometres) left Jane and I speechless 
(except for the continuous chorus of oohing, aahing and refrains of 'nooo, but look at this one'). We were shocked at how breathtakingly beautiful they were, looking more like exquisite pottery shards with their amazing markings. Or like chunks of precious turquoise stone. To say we were excited to come across this place, or that this place even existed, would be the understatement of the year. Words such as mind-boggling, astonishing and stupefying might be better used instead.

Nature's a potter: perfect crackling glaze (with shells from another Flores beach)

If I had to give this stone a name - I'd call it a mid-century modern take on Japanese Raku pottery. 
Astonishing that this is a product of nature, not some beautiful handmade sculpture. 
I wouldn't have any trouble buying this from a gallery, but to just pick it from beach was amazing!

More again in the style of Japanese raku pottery markings

Windswept bounty as far as the eye can see......